Agile Project Management

Are you looking for a way to move your projects and innovations forward using modern methods? Sign up for our “Agile Project Management” course, where we’ll show you how agile principles can also innovate traditional industries. Find out how you can use agile methods to respond faster to market demands and increase efficiency in your projects. Use our practical examples and case studies that will demonstrate how to apply agile approaches directly in your industry. Become a pioneer of agile methods in your company!


Miroslav Koutny

Miroslav is a highly experienced professional with extensive experience in agile management and transformation of work methods. He has extensive experience as an independent IT consultant and has supported leadership of teams in various technology companies. His approach to agile management is supported by certifications such as AgileSHIFT® and Professional Agile Leadership™.


Pavel Teichman

Pavel is an expert in agile management and product management. He is the founder and coach at Agile Navigators, where he provides strategic product consulting and executive mentoring. His experiences include also top management e.g. as General Manager at Vacuumlabs. Pavel is a Certified Scrum Professional.

About the course:

The agile approach to projects is starting to take off in traditional industries such as automotive, manufacture, energetics, etc. The Agile Project Management course is tailored to professionals looking for ways to bring innovation and efficiency to their projects. Discover how agile methodologies may transform your workflow and help you discover the potential of your employees.


Participants will learn how to apply agile principles and practices to their projects, allowing them to improve flexibility, efficiency and adaptability to changing market conditions. The course provides tools and techniques for effective leadership and motivation of teams in an agile environment, which increases productivity and encourages innovative thinking. In addition, participants will learn how to adapt agile approaches specifically for traditional sectors such as automotive, enabling them to implement innovations and improve competitiveness in their industries.


You can look forward to the following topics:

Basics and principles of agile methodology

Agile frameworks and methods (Scrum, Kanban, Lean)

Roles and responsibilities in an agile team

Agile tools and techniques

Leadership and communication in an agile environment

Measurement and evaluation of agile projects

Adapting agile methodologies in traditional industries

Innovation management and design thinking

Examples and case studies

Have said about the course

What will the course bring you:

  • Know how to respond quickly to market changes and customer needs using agile methods

  • Gain skills to plan, execute and evaluate projects more effectively

  • Specific examples and case studies on the use of agile methods in traditional sectors

  • Master techniques for improvement of team collaboration and productivity

  • Understand how agile approaches contribute to higher quality and product innovation

  • Gain skills for better identification, assessment and risk management in projects

  • Develop your ability to lead and motivate teams in an agile environment

Agile project management

Online course

Date: 4/24/2024 at 9:00 a.m.
Lenght: 8 hours
Location: Online
Price: 3.990 CZK
Application deadline: 22 April 2024

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