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We are Agile Navigators – digital product pros. We help clients create products and services that meet customers’ needs and deliver profit.


We think in terms of products, and we’ll teach you to do the same. We believe in the power of agile approach, digitization, usability, measureability and data, as well as strategic partnerships.

Our customers are big and small. Progressive and traditional. Our professionals will customize content to your exact needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We always customize private workshops according to the requirements of the client and the agreed objectives. Theoretical concepts are adapted to the customer’s environment. Together with the customer, we look for ways to apply new concepts in practice.

During our workshops, we identify a number of areas and concrete actions that will guide the customer towards improvements. But the motivation to change fades over time. That’s why we strongly recommend to continue the mentoring of individuals or teams.

We’re only human. It may happen that we misunderstand each other and the goals will not be met. In that case, yes, we will simply refund your money.

Our customers are small and medium-sized companies for cost-effective product development or process digitalization. Start-ups or fast-growing companies for product design, development and marketing where time to value is crucial.

For training, consultations and transformation, they tend to be medium-sized companies to corporations.

Our mantra is “time to value”. I.e. the best possible output in the shortest possible time. Since we capacity plan, we are able to start cooperation very quickly.


We don’t look at price in a way that we only sell our capacity (MDs), but in consulting services we sell “packages” of work with clear value to the customer.

The public training sessions mainly capture current market trends and industry leading practices and serve the general public. Networking and community access, including the ability to contact the trainer, is a great advantage. Corporate training differs in that it is customized and based on the customer’s process and environment. This makes them very effective and they apply general knowledge to specific needs.

All of our trainers have many years of experience in the field and a desire to pass on their knowledge. We follow a uniform interactive methodology and provide supervision during training.

Our courses and workshops are online in real time or we choose pleasant and inspiring places for physical meetings.

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