Online webinar:
UX design for greenhorns

Get an overview of what’s ahead of you on the road towards becoming a UX designer. In this webinar, you’ll gain valuable information and learn the basic principles of UX, which you’ll put into practice under the guidance of experienced UX designer Martina Cermakova. Most importantly, you will make contact not only with the lecturer, but also with the extensive UX community.


Martina Cermakova

UX designer with 5 years of experience at RegioJet, Notino and Agile Navigators. UX for her means the art of combining beauty with functionality.

About the course:

UX Design for Beginners is designed for newbies to the field of UX design.

It’s suitable for anyone considering a career in UX, product managers as well as those who want to learn more about UX.


The webinar starts on September 13 at 18:00 and will be presented by UX expert Martina Cermakova.


During 3 hours you will go through the following topics together…

What does a UX designer do?

The journey of a UXer and what awaits you on it

Can I find a job as a UX designer?

Is previous experience a must?

Portfolio and demonstration of knowledge

UX as a hobby

Communication and technical knowledge

Are UX courses useful?

Where to start?

Design Thinking, Design System

UX principles

The downsides of UX design

… and at the end you will try out the work of a UX designer for yourself. As a bonus, you’ll get tips on useful tools as well as recommendations for your next steps into the world of UX.

What will the course bring you:

  • Basic understanding of UX design

  • “Guide” on how to become a UX designer

  • Understanding the basic principles of UX

  • Insight into the advantages and disadvantages of working in UX

  • Hands-on design experience

  • Opportunity for further contact with the trainer

  • Practical advice, tips, tools

UX design for greenhorns

Online webinar

Date: 13.9. at 18:00
Lenght: 3 hours
Price: 990 CZK
Deadline: 12.9.2023

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