PO in Hell

Are you a Product Manager or Product Owner and feel like you are not fulfilling your role to the fullest? Would you like to understand your position better, including the necessary knowledge and skills to survive in the Product Management world? Are you tired of constantly waiting for management decisions, lack of vision and pressure from the development team?

Learn to explore new opportunities and cultivate the skills that will help you feel good about your job. Make contacts and gain new insights.

This course is about you – not your company!


Kate Cernikova

A highly experienced IT professional with over 14 years of experience with agile practices. Kate holds a recognized ICF coach certification, where she has a particular focus on developing human potential and achieving the best possible results. In terms of numbers, Kate has coached over 500 hours in ICF and over 700 hours in agile and product development.


Marie Chaloupkova

Marie is a highly experienced product management professional. She has extensive experience as a consultant, trainer and product manager in large technology companies.

Marie belongs to a group of certified product owners and scrum masters.

About the course:

There is a growing demand for Product Owner or Manager positions, but often these roles are limited to the so-called Proxy PO (Backlog Manager). Such positions primarily focus on managing the product backlog, creating tasks for the product team and providing reports to the management at the end of each sprint. Important aspects such as product value, customer satisfaction, user feedback or A/B testing are unfortunately often not part of their job, as these areas drive management decisions.


The course content is divided into two main parts. The first part focuses on recognizing the value of your current position, the expectations placed on it by the company, and the challenges that need to be faced. It is also essential to identify the expectations you have of the role.


The second half of the course emphasizes the practical development of skills and communication skills that are critical to being a successful Product Owner or Manager.

What is the current value of my position as a Product Owner

What are the expectations from the company

What I personally expect from the Product Owner position

Identify the challenges of the Product Owner position

Effective communication with management and development team

Prioritization and feedback

Personal and career development

Making decisions with limited authority

Practical exercises and case studies

What will the course bring you:

  • Understand your current position as a Product Owner or Manager

  • Find out what the company’s expectations of you are.

  • Clarify your personal expectations and ideas about the role of Product Owner.

  • Gain practical skills to communicate effectively with management and the development team.

  • Learn how to make decisions in an environment with limited authority.

  • Develop problem solving skills in challenging situations and work effectively with prerequisites.

  • Understand the steps necessary for your personal and professional development in product management.

PO in Hell

Date: 11 April 2024 at 9:00 a.m.
Lenght: 8 hours
Location: Online
Price: 2.990 CZK
Deadline: 9 April 2024

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