The traditional consulting industry challenger.


Revolutionising traditional consulting business with human wisdom, simulation software, and LLMs. Our goal is to challenge traditional consulting practices by integrating LLMs, simulation software, live data and human expertise. We plan to offer this as a comprehensive product.


Have you noticed that traditional consulting is no longer as effective as it used to be? There are several reasons why this is the case. To name a few, it’s a slow process, can be costly, and heavily reliant on the skills of the consultant.


Consider the possibilities of a product that combines the power of LLMs, simulation software, and end user interaction. The potential is limitless!

Value Proposition

The platform merges the analytical power of AI with the predictive capabilities of simulation software, offering a unique solution that accelerates decision-making and innovation in key industries such as automotive, healthcare, and aerospace. Combining low cost, fast time to market and need of expert consulants.

Customer Segments

Targeting R&D departments in multinational corporations, innovative enterprises in the manufacturing sector, forward-thinking academic institutions, medical and even arts!

Low touch service

Our objective is to offer fully AI-assisted support that requires minimal user interaction. No consultants are necessary. Picture sharing tried-and-true business models and continuously enhancing them.

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