Product leadership

Course Objective:

Understand and acquire the tools for success in product leadership in an agile organization. To improve as a leader, manager, mentor and coach.

Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for anyone interested in developing their own leadership skills. Typical attendees are Team Leaders, Business/Product Owners, Managers and Scrum Masters.

What are the challenges for every leader?

Decision making

Leaders are often responsible for critical decisions that impact the entire organization. Decision-making is always a big challenge. Especially when you have limited information or have to make a trade-off between priorities.


Effective communication is essential for any leader. Leaders must be able to communicate vision, expectations and goals in a persuasive, clear and consistent manner. At the same time, they need to be able to actively listen and provide constructive feedback.

People management

Leaders are often also in the position of manager. They are responsible for the motivation, coaching and the development of the people in the team. They identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team as well as individuals and help overcome obstacles.

Resource management

Leaders need to maximise the use of available resources such as time, money and equipment. They need to be able to prioritise activities and allocate resources correctly.

Conflict management

Conflict is inevitable in any company. The leader’s job is to know how to work with it effectively. Identifying the source of conflict and working with those involved are essential to moving forward and working together in an organization. Being a good leader is currently a great challenge and requires many skills and competencies.

What are we going to teach you?

Defining the personality of a leader

How to build a great team

Choose team topologies

Distribute roles and responsibilities

Recruit new colleagues

Lead, not control

Actively listen

Give and receive feedback

Coaching skills

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In the process of collaboration, we make sure that we understand each other and set realistic goals. We see education not as a transfer of information, but as a common way to shift the functioning of the system and individuals.



First, we analyze your current situation and expectations. We will suggest ways to improve the current situation.



Together with your people, we go through the suggestions and tailor the training to your needs.



We will take you through the topic in an interactive way, which you will put into practice. You will take away not only knowledge but also a shared experience.



In order to be able to successfully apply the knowledge to work, we recommend to continue with individual mentoring.

What do our clients say about us?

Frequently asked questions and answers

We always customize private workshops according to the requirements of the client and the agreed objectives. Theoretical concepts are adapted to the customer’s environment. Together with the customer, we look for ways to apply new concepts in practice.

During our workshops, we identify a number of areas and concrete actions that will guide the customer towards improvements. But the motivation to change fades over time. That’s why we strongly recommend to continue the mentoring of individuals or teams.


We’re only human. It may happen that we misunderstand each other and the goals will not be met. In that case, yes, we will simply refund your money.

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