Story: my product cannot be scaled, productivity is dropping and customers are unhappy…

skalovani produktu

Lately, we have been helping more and more clients with their product scaling issues. Even when the product is successful and sales are growing, scaling is becoming an increasing problem. Quality and productivity are declining, and it is becoming even more difficult to meet commitments to customers and users. Let’s take a look at the most common barriers to scaling and ways to eliminate them.

Barrier #1 – Product quality and performance

A hidden pitfall that threatens product predictability and stability is often the growing numbers of users and volumes of data being processed.

From the start, think about using CI/CD integration tools, test automation, sufficient development environments, and quality standards across all teams and product components. This investment will pay off if you want to be ready for rapid growth.

Barrier #2 – User (In)consistency

With rapid growth and intense development, it’s easy to fall into the trap of inconsistent control of your product within individual components and end devices, which customers certainly don’t appreciate.

Consistent UI design principles, such as design systems, and overall user experience cannot be overlooked. Developers should not create something specific for every functionality, but should stick to a unified way of operating. Development and UX teams should work as one, especially when specifying, modifying, and testing functionality.

Barrier #3 – Security and privacy

As the scope of the product grows, so does the complexity of data security and privacy compliance.

It is important that uniform security principles are followed already when designing each functionality. Test and automate selected aspects of security during the development and deployment of each functionality. Don’t underestimate the importance of these steps! It will pay you back in the form of increased user confidence and reduced risk.

Barrier #4 – Team capacity and scalability

Scaling effectively and allocating capacity according to priorities is challenging. And add to that maintaining quality, predictability and delivering on commitments!

Flexibility and leveraging talent outside of your region, while focusing on maintaining your company culture, is one way to go. To do this, it is essential not to forget appropriate agile and project methods that are aligned with the priorities and goals of the entire company. Adding new teams should be as seamless as adding another piece to an already built lego.

Obstacle #5 – Staying ahead of the competition.

The unique value of your product is what did put you ahead. However, the ability to adapt and continually innovate is necessary even as you grow.

Focus on the customer and getting to know them thoroughly. Not only data, but also user stories and feedback will help you move forward. It will improve customer loyalty and open up new opportunities. Devote sufficient resources and attention to this process – it will keep you ahead of the competition.

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