Unsolicited career advice for aspiring product managers

Everyone enjoys giving unsolicited advice, so here they are:

See the product as a whole

Many people who want to become product managers struggle with how to transition from other roles. For example, from the role of a designer or programmer. Look at the product as a whole. Address user satisfaction and feedback. You’re not a task machine and a card swiping machine. A super technical perspective is also a common obstacle!

The right CV

Many people are looking for tips for interviews and CVs. Before the interview, learn about the company’s product and its customers and think about how you could add unique value. Prepare to do a case study. Tailor your resume to show skills important to product managers, such as problem solving, communicating with customers or teamwork, etc. Feel free to draw from non-product areas.

Learning, learning, learning

You probably already know the importance of continuous learning. And not only about the product development process, but also about domain specifics. Read books, podcasts, take courses. But practical experience is also valuable – comment on product features, discuss on Reddit and Linkedin, etc.

Build a network of contacts

Networking is, to some extent, a king. Network with product managers, join related groups and attend meetups and webinars. Learn from others and don’t be afraid to seek mentorship. What are your networking tips?

The mindset of a product manager

Start thinking like a product manager. Analyze the products you use and think about what you would improve about them.

Learn to work with rejection and negative feedback.

Be aware of what you bring to the team. Knowledge of the industry, the ability to solve problems or perhaps empathy. Strengthen soft skills!


The world of technology and the economy is fast paced and the role of a product manager requires flexibility and the ability to adapt. Be open to change and ready to change strategies, both yours and your product’s. What works for you now is guaranteed not to in a year.

Do you have a career plan? What is your strategy? Where are you networking?

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